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Hunter Watson

CAP Barbell, 120lb Coated Hex Dumbbell, Single

CAP Barbell, 120lb Coated Hex Dumbbell, Single

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Enhance your workout routine with the CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell. This sturdy dumbbell is a premium quality weight that's ideal for home use. Made of solid cast iron with a protective black coating . it features an easy-to-grip handle and encased heads to prevent damage to floors. The ergo designed handle helps to reduce hand fatigue and maximize comfort . while the knurling prevents the dumbbell from slipping during workouts. The Hex shaped dumbbell heads ensure the dumbbell will not roll when set down . avoiding injuries and allowing for easy storage. Dumbbells can be used to exercise all major muscle groups . including arms . chest . back . abs . legs and core. Making them perfect for a full body workout. Sold individually.

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