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Hunter Watson

Lifetime Envoy 106 Tandem Kayak- Sky Fusion - 91192

Lifetime Envoy 106 Tandem Kayak- Sky Fusion - 91192

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Whether you are heading on a trip to the ocean . or a camping trip around a lake or river . the Lifetime Envoy Tandem Kayak is the perfect kayak to share an adventure. The Tandem features a unique sit-on-top design that can accommodate solo or tandem paddling. Simply adjust the backrest to the center position for a solo trip or have both backrests in place and bring a friend. The kayak features a durable build that is UV-protected and impact resistant. It also comes equipped with bungee lacing and a storage hatch to hold your gear. The Lifetime Envoy is a versatile kayak that allows you to share your adventure with friends and family.

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