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Hunter Watson

Lifetime Lancer 10 ft Sit-Inside Kayak, Orange (90817)

Lifetime Lancer 10 ft Sit-Inside Kayak, Orange (90817)

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The Lifetime lancer 10 ft sit-in kayak paddle included 90817 helps you to have fun and adventure in the water. The vibrant orange color is easy to see while on the river. This polyethylene kayak is made to be easy to manoeuvre while one is inside. The design and size make it simple to handle in and out of the water. This Lifetime lancer kayak is ideal for almost any water . including rivers . lakes . and bays. It is equipped with the ledge lock paddle keeper to help users have better comfort and convenience. This Lifetime lancer 100 sit-in kayak paddle including 90817 is made for speed and efficiency.

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