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Hunter Watson

Sango Newcomb Wood 2 Door Cabinet, Black

Sango Newcomb Wood 2 Door Cabinet, Black

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The Newcomb 2-Door Cabinet offers a captivating blend of materials and design elements that elevate its aesthetic appeal. This cabinet is thoughtfully crafted to bring a "Mixed Material" aesthetic . combining "rattan" door panels with a colored finish . resulting in a visually striking piece that complements any home's interior. The combination of "rattan" door panels and the colored finish creates an attractive visual shift on the surfaces of the cabinet.This blend of materials adds texture and depth . making the cabinet visually appealing and unique. The use of "rattan" for the door panels brings a natural and organic element to the cabinet's design. Rattan is a durable and versatile material known for its distinctive texture . contributing to the overall transitional style. The colored finish on the cabinet complements the "rattan" door panels and enhances the overall appearance. The juxtaposition of the "rattan" texture against the finish adds depth and dimension to the cabinet's design.Inside the cabinet . you'll find one adjustable shelf . providing practical storage options for various items. The adjustable shelf allows you to customize the interior space to accommodate your storage needs. The cabinet doors are hinged on fully concealed Euro-style hinges . ensuring smooth and seamless opening and closing. The concealed hinges also add to the cabinet's clean and sleek look. The beautiful lathe-turned solid wood feet elevate the cabinet from the floor . adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. These feet complement the transitional nature of the cabinet.

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